which pochette is the best?

  1. hey
    I would like to buy me a pochette. But I dont know which designs there are. I like the monogram canvas design but which allready are there?
    pics and your opinion please:tup::p
  2. The pochettes come in Monogram, Damier, Damier Azur, Epi, and Multicolor and a few more.
  3. Well yeah pretty much comes in everything!
    I like the T&B pochette atm,
    & I also think the Damier one is cute :yes:
  4. I have both MC's and the Mono, I would say if your getting one, get the Mono it goes with more things.
  5. I have the mono pouchette and never use it...it was a waste for me...it is small for evening and I carry too much....
  6. ^^^That is excellent advice! If you look at that thread you can seem exmaples of the many different pouchettes made by LV. Also you can see how much will fit in them, what they look like on, etc.
  7. I'd love a pochette in damier Azur as it's so pretty :tup:
  8. I have the mono riveting pochette and I really like it because it's monogram, but also unique and limited edition. It's the only pochette I own.


    If I got a second pochette I would probably get Azur.
  9. You may want to get something from the epi line- very classy!
  10. I'm really the Damier Azur Pochette lately
  11. I'm interested in getting one, to match my new Neverfull. Unfortunately, the T&B pochette isn't available here. I'm looking at the Azur pochette now.
  12. I like the T&B pochette.
  13. The T&B is so cute
  14. I like my Recital very much! It holds a lot and what I love is, that the Recital "stands".