Which pochette + cles?

  1. My younger sister's birthday is coming up, and I was thinking of getting something LV for her as a gift. She's always saying she needs a small bag for an upcoming Christmas party at a hotel she's working at and something new to use at school to carry her cell phone, lip gloss and coin purse. Being a shoulder bag girl myself, I have no such thing to lend or give her.

    So I'm thinking of getting her a mini pochette and a cles because she's a wristlet girl, but I'm not sure which one to get her. I finally narrowed it down to these since she's not a vernis fan:

    - Trunks&Bags mini pochette or
    - Damier mini pochette or
    - Damier Azur mini pochette


    - Mini lin dune cles or
    - Damier cles or
    - Damier azur cles

    I'm having a hard time deciding on the best mini pochette + cles combo to get her... Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I think the Damier Azue is a good option though a little informal for a Christmas party, but for everyday use I think its great, what about a Suhali cles with the Damier azur?
  3. I would vote for the Azur pochette and possibly the azur cles... but my personal favourite is the mini lin dune cles. She might appreciate alittle bit of logo but still subtle and classy.
  4. My vote goes towards the T & B Mini Pochette and the Damier Cles. Need I say more? :p
  5. i agree with john, the T&B mini + Damier Cles. if your sister likes wristlets, have you considered the epi montaigne clutch - the strap can be worn 3 different ways.
  6. T&B mini pochette and new groom line cles (if got)
  7. Trunks&Bags mini pochette & Azur cles!! I've never tried this, but maybe you can get her a partition in case she wants to use the mini pochette as a wristlet.
  8. My vote goes for trunks and bags mini and azur cles! Good luck with your decision!
  9. T&B mini pochette and Damier Azur cles!
  10. Have you seen the inside of the Trunks & Bags pochette? There's one that's more like a zippy wallet so it's really functional as about town clutch. And now there's the long extended keychain to go with it too :drool:
  11. Here's my suggestion....the new Complice Trunks and Bags Wallet ($440.00) along with the Removable Strap ($86.00).

    She would have everything she needs right there...a wristlet(when used with the strap), a wallet, a pouchette (LV suggests it for an evening bag) and a cles!

    I'm considering this combo for myself too.
  12. How bout a Wapity ;]
  13. My votes are for:

    T&B mini pochette


    damier azur cles
  14. Agree!!! Jill has pics on here!
  15. Trunks&Bags mini pochette and Azur cles, that way she has two totally different LV looks and they are both adorable!