Which pochette cles?

  1. Hey lv lovers
    Which pochettes are there at lv?
    Which pochette cles have you on your bag?
    have you pics? which do you like at most?
  2. Mono/and MC damier and i'm sure Azur pochettes are avail...

    as for cles.. I have a mono and pomme vernis :smile:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Here are mine (minus my Cerises PMR and white Charms one which aren't in the pic):

    I like the Cherry Blossom ones the most...of the ones available now, the Damier Azur is pretty and the Pomme or Amarante Vernis ones are gorgeous as well.

  4. beautiful collection rebecca!

    i like the groom cles and the vernis cles
  5. I love the mono pochette and epi.
  6. I love Mc and Vernis :heart:
  7. i have MC, I need to take pics
  8. Thanks! :heart: