Which Pochette Accessories to buy?

  1. I'm itching to buy a pochette accessories today. Which one should I get: mono, damier, azur?

    C'mon... enable me! :smile:
  2. Azur. Spring is here and summer is around the corner!
  3. Azur! I love mine and it's so cute for spring and summer.
  4. azur!
  5. mono if you want something classic
  6. I like Azur for a spring/summer bag, but I don't think that I like it for fall and winter. I would go with classic Damier for a bag that you can wear all year round.
  7. mono or azur
  8. I love Azur
  9. The Azur is lovely, either Azur or mono.
  10. Me too..love the Azur!
  11. I love mono. But azur is really pretty for spring!
  12. Mono....you can use it all year round and it's classic.
  13. Damier Azur or MC.
  14. yup my thoughts exactly.
  15. I am so into azur right now. So I would have to say azur.