Which pink?


Battle of the Pinks

  1. Louis Vuitton Marshmallow Vernis Bedford

  2. Burberry Candy Check Barrel

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  1. The only pink bag I have right now is my tiny Dior Trotter Saddle Pouch, which is only fit for evenings. I really want a pink bag that's big enough for daytime/regular use.

    So now I'm down to these two:

    Louis Vuitton Marshmallow Vernis Bedford

    Burberry Candy Check Barrel

    I already have the Perle Bedford, but the Marshmallow is such a pretty color. But would it be wise to have two bags that are the same style in different color :girlsigh:?

    The Burberry is less than half the price of the Bedford, and the color is so pretty too. Plus I haven't bought anything from Burberry in nearly a year, though I don't suppose that's relevant :P.

    I can only get one right now. If I were to get both there would be at least a month-long wait :crybaby:. So which will it be, ladies?
  2. even though LV bag is more expensive i would recommend. when u wear LV bag is not the same as burberry! :smile: i feel that if u get burberry's ull end up regretting it.

    let us know what u'll finally decide upon. goodluck
  3. LV all the way!
  4. LV of course!!!!
  5. but is it practical to have two bags whose only difference is the color? does anybody really not like the Burberry?
  6. I love Burberry - but that Marshmallow just melts my heart.....YES it is perfectly acceptable to have the same back in different colors!!!!!
  7. usually... i'll say LV all the way! but in this case.. considering u've already got the LV one but in a diff colour...and that it's so much more expensive than the burberry.... AND the burberry makes a really really nice casual day bag especially for the summer, i say go for the pretty pink burberry! :yes: but don't just get the burberry just because it's the closest thing to the LV without having to repeat buy...if u get what i mean. just my 2 cents!
  8. I would go with the LV. That color is beautiful :love: But I am not a fan of Burberry so I personally would always choose LV over Burberry.
  9. yes i know what you mean :yes:. and yeah i did think of the Burberry as a more casual bag, even though i love the Marshmallow color
  10. ITA! I would definitely go for the LV if you didn't already have the Perle. The Burberry is sooo cute! :love: I agree that it would make a lovely casual day bag! Go for it! Great price, too!:yes:
  11. I would definitely get the LV. I know you have one in a different color but LV is such a classic. I have nothing against burberry, in fact I have several of their bags and coats, but I just love that LV bag.
  12. -i'd- buy the burberry but i'm biased because i LOVE the pink nova check and i'm scared of vernis. but since it's you not me, i say get the LV. marshmellow is pretty! :smile:
  13. i voted for the LV! Lovely!! :girlsigh:
    no harm from getting two with different colors..:yes:
    and rrrr i am not a big fan of burberry!! <<oops!! did someone just hate me? :crybaby:
  14. I'm not a fan of Burberry.
    The Marshmallow Vernis is SOOOOO girly and cute.
    LV all the way!
  15. Go LV ! Even if it is more expensive, if you ever happen to change your mind, you'd be able to sell the LV much more easily. Burberry resale values are not so great.