which pink handbag?

  1. I think I want a nice spring handbag and was thinking pink- which one of these do you like? the prada or the gucci? they are the same price. The pink swatch is for the prada handbag
    B05G11C29DP.JPG B05PR261303B75E.jpg B05PR261303B75E5.jpg
  2. The top one. :yes:
  3. I like the top one also.
  4. I like the Gucci.
  5. I like the shape of the Prada better.
  6. The Prada is nice.
  7. I just want it to be classic- also- how does the gucci toggle clasp work? Is it hard to get in and out?
  8. i'm partial to prada, i think they're amazing bags and amazing quality...i have to say that there's a coach hobo that looks just like the gucci....(sorry!)
  9. Yeah... you know, that toggle thingy makes me think that I need to fumble around for a few seconds while my cell phone is ringing, and I can't get to it......
  10. I like the top one
  11. I like the Gucci!
  12. Prada! I like the style of it.
  13. I like the Guccy - Jackie O type of bag, will always be a classic...
  14. Gucci.
  15. The gucci looks gorgeous!