Which pink first? I think a bigger bag will be too much color for me

  1. I had an 05 magenta shoulder that I rarely used. Now I'm looking at pictures of it and I regret selling. I love the new bubblegum and magenta but know a larger bag will just sit in my closet. (the violet was a HUGE step for me). Anyhow, a first seems like a great compromise. A little color with a lot of punch. Here's my magenta shoulder. Should I go w/ the bubblegum or magenta????? Can't ever decide on my own. Thanks:p

  2. I love both colors but I think that the magenta would suit you better. BTW that 05 magenta shoulder looked really good on you!
  3. omg...love the magenta shoulder!
    but, do the new pinks POP like 05 magenta? would red be a better POP color than the new pinks? I just got red, and violet, but I am thinking about pink too!
  4. how about a first instead? that might be a good inbetween!
  5. I vote for a magenta first -- I would look great on you!
  6. Both BG and the new magenta are pretty, but I think the new magenta would look great on you.
  7. I agree - I think the new magenta in a first would look great on you!
  8. Ok thanks as always for all of the kind words and help! I ordered the Magenta First from Saks! YAY Don't forget ladies there's a GC event on the 15th too.
  9. I would get the new paler magenta!
  10. sorry, just reread your thread, thought you were thinking about a shoulder! congrats on your lovely choice!!
  11. Congrats on your new magenta! Hopefully you'll love it, as it's a bit more muted than the 05!
  12. Magenta First!
  13. Magenta first~ let us know what you think when you get it from Saks!
  14. Magenta first!
  15. get both! heh...I'm not much help here =)