Which Picotin should I keep!?

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  1. I will probably keep both so I’m no help here :P

    Definitely see them in person first!
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  2. I just went through a similar dilemma, I ordered the 18 etoupe GHW as I always loves neutral, but when I received it, it’s kinda dull irl for picotin and I agree with others that this is a fun bag so a pop color would look nicer. Although I would take a gold GHW as it doesn’t look as dull. I also think 18 is too small for me, so I returned the 18 etoupe and ordered the 22 rouge de coeur yesterday! Wait til you received it, you will know which one you want!
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  3. I am so excited to see the babies soon!
  4. When are you going to get yours? I should get mine by next Wednesday...I can’t wait either!! I also ordered a rodeo PM
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  5. I m going to pick the blue up this Saturday. I end up giving up the etoupe today! So glad that you ordered a rodeo. What color is that?
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  6. I got rose azalée/pain d'épice/violet, after I ordered I realized it looks kinda similar to another one I have...rose azalée/vert cyprès/bleu électrique :hrmm:

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  7. This is so pretty! My main goal is to get the noir one . I guess it’s so hard to find it unless you want to pay a lot on Some other consignment website
  8. Etoupe!
  9. I would keep the Etoupe.
    I regularly see dark blue Picotins with gold hardware, and I don't like this combination at all.
  10. Don't give up hoping!
    I was recently shown a black picotin 22 with ghw in rue de Sèvres (but preferred waiting for the perfect GP)
  11. My vote goes to blue. I know etoupe is a classic colour and very popular. But I had an etoupe bag and sold it as I found it didn't match anything in my wardrobe! While blue works like a charm!
  12. If you only plan to keep one. Then etoupe
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  13. End up exchanging them and got the gris mouette ghw SA says it’s a new color that just came in in 2019 IMG_0660.JPG
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  14. Correction:
    Vert bosphore is the color
  15. Keeeeeep the Etoupe!