Which Picotin should I keep!?

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  1. I vote for blue. I just prefer a pop of color for a picotin.
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  2. Counting all the votes and it was 6 votes on blue and 6 votes on etoupe. I think they both go with my wardrobe!

    Does any one knows which color has a better resale value?
  3. It’s the bleu saphir!
  4. Both are stunning! :smile: Since you ordered them online and will be sending one back, why not wait to hold them in your hands before you decide? You'll probably find one feels more 'you' than the other once you're holding the actual bags. :smile:
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  5. Both are gorgeous, and I understand why you’re having a problem deciding. While the etoupe is a great neutral, the blue is really special. I’d keep the blue one.
  6. Wait until you see them irl. They may both be hard to let go for different clothes and moods or one may be harder than the other...but you will know!
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  7. Another vote for etoupe from me. Although both are beautiful!
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  8. I vote for the blue too because it looks lovely with the ghw
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  9. The Picotin is a fun bag & I think a fun color would be that unexpected "pop"..
    I'd go with the blue...
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  10. Blue!
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  11. I like the blue. The etoupe has more interest from the white stitching but the blue with ghw is very luxe.
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  12. Keep both! But if i had to choose one then Etoupe.
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  13. I vote Blue :smile:
  14. Blue. I am not a fan of etoupe. I love bleu saphir. I love the blue though. A navy bag is a perfect neutral for my wardrobe.
  15. I vote Blue