Which Picotin should I keep!?

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  1. Ordered two Picotin 18 from Hermès.com but need to give up one of them.

    Which one should I keep? I love both of them and I don’t have any bags with these colors. Any comments?? Thoughts?

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  2. I love etoupe. I feel like it’s such a quintessential Hermes color. The blue looks really nice too with gold hardware so you can’t go wrong. Which one would fit into your wardrobe better?
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  3. I like the blue, but will you get enough use out of that color?
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  4. Etoupe. Great on picotin.
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  5. Definitely etoupe.
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  6. I like both. If you don't have any bags with these colors, then if you can, keep both.
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  7. I like the blue. I think Picotin looks more fun with some color.
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  8. What color is the blue?
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  9. I like the blue best too, but étoupe will go with everything. Depends on your wardrobe/colour palette, I think.
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  10. The blue looks so rich and classy with the gold hardware! That's my vote.
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  11. Both are very pretty! The etoupe will go with nearly everything, while the blue is more specific and may require more thought and planning to work into your wardrobe. Good luck deciding!
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  12. The etoupe is more versatile and such a classic Hermes colour.
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  13. I have the bleu encre/bleu zellige picotin and it’s really fun colour and versatile too!
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  14. I vote for blue. I know etoupe is a classic color, but I’ve never been a huge fan. On the other hand, the blue is very rich and beautiful.
  15. Etoupe!!
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