Which Payment Method is Safer, Paypal eCheck or bank check?

  1. I want to pay for a high ticket item that I won on eBay. Although I always made it a rule to use credit card for payment, this time in order to reach the negotiated price, I agreed not to use Paypal credit card. I have two choices of payment, by Paypal eCheck or personal check. Which one provides better protection in case there is a problem with the merchandise (e.g. fake or item not as described or item not recieved)?
  2. I wouldn't pay unless it was a cc. Especially with a high priced item. I just wouldn't risk it. I don't know what protection you have with a check of any kind. I definitely wouldn't use a personal check.
  3. For me, I would pay with CC via Paypal.
    I think it's a great way to pay the $$$ item.
  4. CC are definitely more safe
  5. You might try asking the seller if you could use a cc and pay the fees. Many sellers will take credit cards that way. I've done that several times and it worked out fine and I had my cc protection that way to back up the purchase.
  6. I agree pay by credit card. This is the only way you can protect yourself if the sale goes wrong. Good Luck!
  7. I always use Amex, I know you said your seller does not want you to pay with a credit card, but is it worth the risk?
    Also if your seller accepts e-checks the fees are the same as CC, at least they are with my paypal account.
  8. Definitely go with a credit card payment. I did a payment once by E-check in order to avoid paying PayPal fees, but I was worried throughout the entire transaction that the seller would take the money and not send me my bag. Fortunately, the seller was honest...but if she wasn't there would have been no way to recoup the money.
  9. I say if the seller will agree, pay with Amex. If not, then a PP echeck is the 2nd safest.

    I don't think your bank will offer much protection if you write a personal check, but you can ask them. I lost a ton of money last year by paying for a big ticket item with my bank's money order and they refused to assist me in any way when I didn't receive the item. I'm still trying to track down the scammer myself.
  10. PayPal only charges a $5 flat fee to accept e-check and then the seller has to wait for the check to clear (normally 3-5 days) before shipping.

    I don't know if paying by e-check provides any protection to the buyer. I recommend calling PayPal and asking them.
  11. Does it take longer for an echeck from a foreign account to clear? If, it does...how much longer?