Which patent boy do you prefer?

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Which Boy do you like best?

  1. Patent metallic Blue

  2. Patent metallic Green

  3. Patent metallic Red

  4. Patent metallic Orange

  5. Patent metallic Fuchsia

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi girls,

    I have a sweet dilemma :graucho: I'm crazy about the new patent metallic boys but I don't know which one to choose. I like all the colors equally, I will use them all, I have no problems wearing bags in any color so let's say that the versatile of the color is not an issue for me.
    Seriously, I love them ALL but I can just get ONE :rolleyes: Would you girls help me pick the best one? ;)
    In your opinion, which one would you pick and why?

    Thanks so much girls :flowers:
  2. go for the electric blue... saw it irl at my local boutique and drooled... It's such a rich, stunning colour!!!! Love it!!!!
  3. For me its Green, pink then blue. Id take whatever i find though!!
  4. blue
  5. I love the patent metallic fushia!!! It's so gorgeous! And the color will transcend time!!
  6. Love both blue and fuschia. I have the same dilemma as u. If the fuschia is not coming in classics, I probably will pick fuschia.
  7. Blue, fuschia and then green. Love those!
  8. Blue is my personal favorite, I love anything blue.

  9. +1
    The fuschia is TDF!
  10. Thank you girls :hugs: It looks like the blue is winning
  11. Hands down Blue! The Fuchsia is a stunner too though!
  12. Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. What options do you have?

    I know US isn't getting all the colors.

    I think blue, pink, silver or fuchsia will be great
  14. Blue or fuchsia, but I have only seen pics. All are stunning!
  15. Thank you girls... I really LOOOOVE all of them. I will be hard to pick just one.... Blue is winning though :graucho: