which parts are leather?

  1. i'm kinda new to this whole LV thing.. i was just wondering if only the trims and the handles of lv mono speedy are leather... what about the mono canvas part? what's that? it's leather too isn't it?
  2. I don't think so, I'm new to the whole LV thing myself. I think it's just the trim that's leather with the mono lines. I believe the Epi, Vernis and Suhali lines are all leather though.
  3. so what is the mono part made of if it's not leather?
  4. the leather part is call vachetta, the process of it turning dark is patina. the mono is printed on canvas :smile:
  5. thanks!!! you guys are awesome!!! i got answers in like 10 secs!!!!
  6. The only parts on the speedy that are leather are the handles leather tab and zipper pull. Also some minute trimmings on the inside.
  7. The trim and handles are leather and the mono is coated canvas
  8. So it's not plastic? That's what I've been hearing lately. I'd feel much better about it being canvas.
  9. It is canvas, but it is coated.
  10. Thanks!