Which part(s) of US would be best to visit?

  1. Ok, this is actually a spin-off from my other thread which did not receive much responses. Anyway, I have never been to US before and planning to go for a visit during winter. Doing my research at the moment but would love to hear opinions from PFers. Please help me make my choice. Which would be a better place to go? Really appreciate all opinions- pros and cons, what are the must-go places, etc. :flowers:

    These are the choices of locations(which one should I choose?) that I will be able to stay for a period of time and after that, I am planning to go visit some cities, if possible, such as NYC, Las Vegas, etc. Nothing is finalised yet, so feel free to give me any suggestions, it is greatly appreciated! :yes:

    -Los Angeles, CA
    -San Diego, CA
    -Orlando, FL
    -Norfolk, VA

    Thank you so much! :flowers:
  2. If you're going in the summer Florida is very very hot and humid. You won't be able to enjoy the outside very much unless you're directly by the ocean. IMHO...

    California is awesome in the summer tho! It's hot, but not as humid. Anyway, you have listed San Diego and Los Angeles already, so I thought I'd add San Fransisco to that :yes: My best vacation ever was renting a car in LA and driving up the pacific coast highway to San Fransisco, stopping everywhere that looked like a cool place (Santa Barbara, Monterrey, and a couple of other places just to take pics of the coast and the ocean)... (of course you could start in San Diego and then go north. SD is seems to be a lovely place!)
    Seriously, it was the best vacation EVER :heart:

    Hope you have a great time, I LOVE LV :tup:
  3. Thank you for the opinion! :yes: Actually, I'm planning to go during winter. I guess it won't be as hot then?

    Your trip sounds awesome, I'm getting excited. :p If I'm staying at LA, would it be convenient to get a cheap flight to NYC? Roughly how much would that be?

    I really hope to be able to visit as many great, must-go US places/cities as this may be my only US trip for some time. :push:
  4. Oh, Florida will be perfect then weather-wise! I like this site to check the averages of places I want to visit:
    this are the averages for orlando, fl, for example.

    Do you mean you want to get a flight from LA to NYC and back? I'm not sure how much that will be... Where is home for you? If it is Europe, then it will be cheaper to fly from Europe to NYC, stay there a couple of days, then fly to LA.
    If home is Asia, then it's probably cheaper to fly to LA first, then get a domestic flight to NYC and back.

    Hmmm, all this vacation planning is giving me itchy feet :nuts:
  5. Oh, thanks. Will check that out soon.

    I'm located in Asia. Yea, I'm planning to go to LA first, then get a flight from there to NYC before heading back home. Wondering if there is any cheap flight tickets from LA to NYC.

    Ooh, where do you have in mind? :graucho:
  6. Most of the time I just book my flights on Expedia ... but you might wanna check Southwest and Jetblue airlines, the *discount* airlines. They don't fly to/from every airport, but you might find a good deal there.

    Hmmm, I am just addicted to shopping in the states :shame: I would love to visit other places (Malaysia is next on the list), but I think I will miss the shopping :rolleyes: ... so I guess I will be heading to NYC soon. Well not so soon actually, probably around christmas/new years.
  7. Thanks for the info, that's really helpful! :yes:

    Hey, if you are there before me, be sure to tell me all about your trip so that I won't miss any exciting place. I love shopping too and will be sure to do lots of research to find great deals and bargains. :p The thing is, I'm not familiar with places in US and don't know how far apart some places are from each other so that would be pretty tricky since US is so huge! Would have to learn to read maps, etc. I'm so bad at that. :blush:
  8. it's funny, whenever friends want to visit nyc i'm never really sure what to show them, because all i do here is shop :graucho:. there's tons of museums and what i love best, actually, is just walking through all the different neighborhoods (lots of different cultures... it's like walking through a different world every 5 blocks.)

    if you're trying to figure out how far apart everything is in the US, i'd suggest just typing in cities on cheaptickets.com and looking for direct flights from one place to another, and seeing how long it takes to fly from one place to another (e.g., 7-8 hours from LA to nyc, 2 hrs from washington d.c. to nyc).

    have fun planning your trip!
  9. Shopping sounds good enough! I just need to know the right places to shop. :p And those stuffs that you mentioned already get me excited! Lol... :p Actually, I'm still saving my money, so everything will be in kinda a tight budget. :blush: Plus any extra money will all go into shopping(!) so I won't be planning anything expensive, mainly shopping and sight-seeing, unless there are stuffs that I absolutely cannot miss. :p

    Great, another awesome idea! I'll check it out. :yes:

    p.s- Any chance of me getting a tour guide/shopping buddy? :graucho::p
  10. i would LOVE to be a tour guide/shopping buddy for a fellow tFer!!! when are you coming to nyc? if you're around on aug. 12, there's a tPF meet here, pm jenskar! otherwise lemme know what you're interested in seeing, what kind of things you like to do and i'll try to help organize a fun experience for you!!

  11. by the way, some things in nyc are actually pretty cheap if you know about them! for example, a visit to the metropolitan museum of art has a "suggested" price of i dunno, $10-$12??? but that's actually a SUGGESTED price, meaning you never have to pay more than a penny to experience the entire museum, and i HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of that!

    plus, street food is pretty good - you can get $5 shish kebabs or gyros and it's delicious...
  12. Ive never been there but almost everyone i talked to who has says san diego is the nicest place ever
  13. Wow, sounds like so much fun..! :nuts: I really hope I can make it to one of the tPF meet-ups. :yes: That would be so cool..!

    But I don't think I can make it on Aug, it's too soon. I'm planning somewhere during winter, the dates are not finalised yet but I'll sure keep you posted once it's firm. ;)

    Ooh, can't wait! :yahoo::wlae:
  14. Wow, I've always been told by everyone that everything in NYC is super expensive but those that you mentioned sounds like a good deal to me. That's why I need info like these from the locals, we could never get these info on those tourist websites. :rolleyes:

    Btw, any worth-going-to outlet stores? :graucho::blush: We don't have factory outlets over here (at least, not those that are worth checking out :push:smile: and I never really experienced outlet shopping before. :p
  15. Really? Nicest in terms of what? Gotta google and check it out. Thanks.