Which Paris store best for scarves?

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  1. Hi Scarfies, so I'm on a overnight trip to Paris and think I may have time (just) to squeeze in a quick scarf perusal. Which store would be best - I am after one of the men's summer scarves? Sevres would be handy as I can fit it in en route to other things, not sure I can face Fbg St H with all the tourists - what do you think? Thanks.
  2. Doesn't matter which store you go to
    If you already know what design or colorway you fancy
    They can always provide transfer
    Within hours
    No issue
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  3. Thanks, Sevres it is then!
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  4. I would go to FSH : there was a huge choice, better than in George V.
  5. Found it at Georges V! Happy bunny, on train home now.
  6. Yay for you! Glad you found the scarf. Have a safe trip :flowers:
  7. Which one were you looking for ?
  8. Bains d'Hermes c/w 08 - I like the silk / cotton mix as its great for summer and really hard wearing. Screenshot_2017-01-05-21-23-50.png
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  9. I just got this same one sent to me by my SA. I love it so much! I love how light but silky it feels too. Wear it in good health!