Which papillon of them all?? Choose one!


Which barrel would you choose?

  1. Monogram Papillon 30

  2. Damier Papillon 30

  3. Perle Vernis Bedford

  4. Epi Soufflot

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have finally narrowed down my next LV buy to these four barrel bags. Which one would you choose?
    For reference:
    I have in monogram - mini noe & pochette accessories
    In epi - mandarin petite noe
    In vernis - perle lexington

    I am a little worried about the color transfer on the perle vernis. Is true that jeans color will rub off on the white?

    As for the soufflot in epi, which color would you choose if you get this bag?

    Thank you all for the advise!!!
    p10397750_ph_hero.jpg p10408253_ph_hero.jpg p10261108_ph_althero_Perle.jpg 10333220_main.jpg
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. i have the Damier Papillon 30 and Vernis Perle Bedford, which i just got a week ago. so far i haven't had any problems with my Bedford; no color transfer or anything. but since you already have the Perle Lexington, get the Bedford in another color, like Noisette or Framboise.

    for the Soufflot, i like the red, black and myrtille.
  5. Mono!
  6. I voted for the Damier, the Mono would be my second choice. I love the Bedford too but I don't like any of the Vernis colors right now
  7. Damier! the damier papilion is a beautiful bag!
  8. i vote for the damier! :yes:
  9. [​IMG] My sister just got this, but the smaller one (26), and it is just beautiful :love:
  10. Thank you all for choosing!! Keep them post coming! I am suprised not many people liked the monogram papillon.

    I have never really imagined the damier this popular.

    Does anyone have any problems with the bedford in vernis?
  11. I voted for the pearl!! Even though it scares me to keep it clean!!

    Good luck with your choice, their all fab!!!
  12. i vote mono
  13. I pick the one I have cherry blossom
  14. Damier papillon :heart:
  15. I like the mono best.