Which Papillon do you like better?

  1. I'm thinking I might have to have one. So, Damier or Mono and 26 or 30? Which is better for casual jeans and t-shirts? Thanks all you experts!
  2. Damier Papillon 30! :yes:

    it goes with everything, and it comes with the little baby Papillon too
  3. Damier 30:yes: .Wear it with jeans all the time and the shoulder strap is longer.Pap 26 is only a handheld bag unless your arm is super skinny.:biggrin:
  4. :yes::yes::yes:
  5. Damier 30...:love: :heart:
  6. I personally love pap in damier..I prefer 30
  7. I prefer the pap in damier !
  8. LOVE my mono 30!!!:love:
  9. the bag looks great on you Irene!

    I think if i was going to get one i'd go for the 30.
  10. I love the damier 30!
  11. here's my Damier 30
    papillon 30 001.jpg papillon 30 002.jpg
  12. Damier 30
  13. I really like both mono and damier, definitely the 30.
  14. :yes: = totally agree! go with the 30 but i can't decide on which LV pattern!
  15. Go with the damier pap!
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