Which Pap?

  1. Aloha Ladies!
    Well, I just need y'all help. I would like to get a Papillon. So my question is, which one? :confused1:

    Monogram vs. Damier

    Size: Pap 30 vs. Pap 26

    The obvious difference is prices. Size 30 is $820 and size 26 is $575 (I called the LV in Waikoloa, Hawaii). The Pap 30 comes with the smaller pouch.

    If you have Papillon 30, what do you use your smaller pouch for?

    Thanks ladies! I would love your opinions
  2. If I had the Papillon 30, I'd use the baby papillon for my little items like my eye drops, pill case, lip balm, tampons, etc.

    I have a mono papillon 26 and it's a great size for me, however I carry little with me so I think the 30 may be better if you want some extra room. The Damier papillon is super classy and subtle at the same time...so I'd get the Damier pap 30!
  3. The Damier Pap 30 would look very nice!!! The very first LV that I ever purchased was the Mono Pap 30 which I had obsessed over but I exchanged it two days later for a Cabas Piano which I sold a few years later. But, I've always thought the Pap was very cute! The accessory pouch can be used to hold lip balm, money, and misc. stuff - it's very cute!
  4. Wailana I posted in the Hawaii thread but will do so again. I have the Pap 26 in mono. I had a hard time deciding between it and the Damier. If I had to do it all over again I would get the Damier.

    I like the fact that the 30 is a shoulder bag but didn't want to spend the extra money and didn't think I'd make any use of the smaller bag.

    I really love the shape of the pap, would love the Soufflot and the Bedford some day. I tend to use the bag when I am feeling funky and wanting to be cute. Others have posted about the bag rolling off the chair in the car and it sure does, all the time!!!

    Anyway, best of luck and let us know what you decide to get!!!
  5. Thank you for posting again. I read your post in the Hawaii thread. I just wanted to also post it in the main thread.

    I didn't realize the bags rolls. It's funny to hear about that. When I think of it, of course it would roll, being that it's round in shape.

    I've been looking at the Soufflot, too.

    So many choices!! Thanks for your input and I'll definitely let you know which one I choose.
  6. :roflmfao: yes the bag does roll. I have the bedford and it rolls off my chair, another thing is that sometimes it carries lopsided depending on whats in it. Of course you can always reposition things inside the bag but its a pain sometimes.
  7. Definitely Damier 30. The pap just looks absolutely stunning in damier- you really have no excuse not to get it. I'd go with the 30 because A, it's bigger, and B, the price discrepancy is more than made up by the accessories pouch (my mom uses hers all the time on vacation as a pochette).
  8. I have the mono pap 26 and love it. But, I use it too much that I need to retire it soon ;) I'm now looking into getting the damier pap 30. I like how it comes with the little pouch, can be used in any weather and will not patina. My mono pap patinaed pretty quick in the area where I hold it on the handles - that's why I need to retire it!
  9. Damier 30
  10. I have the Damier Pap 26 and just adore it! I think it's a really classy bag, but it can also be casual. It was my first LV handbag (had the Montsouris backpack first) and still love to carry it.
    It's not big to the eye, but it can really hold a lot. I always carry my Damier Agenda PM, my Mono french purse, my cell phone, Pochette clés and more little things like lip gloss, tissues, ... and I still can take everything in and out easily.
    You should really get one, you won't regret it! Let us know what you decide.
  11. Damier papillon 30 gets my vote. There is something abut that checked pattern with the barrel shape that just speaks to me!
  12. the 30 gets my vote. the small pouch can be used for makeup.
  13. The Damier Papillon 30 was my first LV. I love how it can fit on the shoulder but it also looks good when hand-carried. It can fit a lot and I don't fill mine up but strangely enough, I almost wish it was a bit bigger. It's also a good all-weather bag. I use the mini papillon to store makeup that won't fit in my mini pochette.
  14. hey does anyone know if they will make an Azur papillon? that would be so awesome.
  15. Damier Pap 30 gets my vote.

    I totally agree with you. That would be sooooo pretty.