which pair of shoes should I get

  1. I'm stuck choosing between the three.. so I need some help ladies.. they are michael kors wedges for wearing with jeans, shorts and skirts. Maybe I should just buy the first two:lol: :lol: :lol: thanks
    shoe3.jpg shoe2.jpg shoe1.jpg
  2. Go for the first two. I love the red ones! :love:
  3. I like the second pair
  4. the middle pair.
  5. I adore the middle pair!!!
  6. I'm lovin' the middle one too.. thanks Cristina and Ranskimmie... I think I should just save myself some thinking time and get the first two.. hehe:weird:
  7. I absolutely :love: the first two pairs!
    I dont really care for the design on the last one.:noworry:
  8. Love the red!

    wedges are so comfortable to wear, so perhaps you can consider getting more than 1 ?
  9. I have the first pair (in black); they hurt my toes! There doesn't seem to be enough room for them and I have normal feet (B width). :biggrin: Also, the foot seems to slip down a bit as you walk creating some space in the back. I don't know...they may fit you perfectly. Perhaps the third pair would be more comfortable, particularly for warmer weather. Good luck!:biggrin:
  10. the second pair!
  11. i love the first two pairs :P
  12. 2nd.
  13. I love the red ones! They are hot hot hot!!!!
  14. I really like the second pair.
  15. 2 nd pair