Which Pair of Manolo Blahnik's is the most special?


Which is the most special pair of shoes? You can vote for more than one.

  1. Shoe # 1

  2. Shoe # 2

  3. Shoe # 3

  4. Shoe # 4

  5. Shoe # 5

  6. Shoe # 6

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  1. Which of these shoes are best? I am going to post each shoe in a separate post. Please let me know which are the most special.
    Shoe # 1
    Sedarby Manolos 3.jpg

    Sedarby Manolos 2.jpg

    Sedarby Manolos 4.jpg

    Sedarby Manolos 6.jpg

    Sedarby Manolos 7.jpg

    Sedarby Manolos 8.jpg

    Sedarby Manolos.jpg

    Sedarby Manolos 19.jpg
  2. Shoe # 2
    Silver Manolos Strappy.jpg

    Silver Manolos Strappy 5.jpg

    Silver Manolos Strappy 4.jpg

    Silver Manolos Strappy 3.jpg

    Silver Manolos strappy 2.jpg

    Silver Manolo Strappy 8.jpg

    Silver Manolo Strappy 7.jpg

    Silver Manolo Strappy 6.jpg

    Silver Manolo Strappy 2.jpg
  3. Shoe # 3

    Silver Manolos Neimans 7.jpg

    Silver Manolos Neimans 5.jpg

    Silver Manolos Neimans 6.jpg

    Silver Manolos Neimans 4.jpg

    Silver Manolos Neimans 3.jpg
  4. Shoe # 4

    Gold Manolos 10.jpg

    Gold Manolos 7.jpg

    Gold Manolos 6.jpg

    Gold Manolos 8.jpg
  5. Shoe # 5

    Gold and Red Manolos 10.jpg

    Gold and Red Manolos 9.jpg

    Gold and Red Manolos 5.jpg

    Gold Manolos 1.jpg

    Gold and Red Manolos 7.jpg

    Gold and Red Manolos 6.jpg

    Gold and Red Manolos 8.jpg
  6. Shoe # 6
    Silver Criss Cross Manolos 12.jpg

    Silver Criss Cross Manolos 4.jpg

    Silver Criss Cross Manolos 3.jpg

    Silver Criss Cross Manolos 10.jpg

    Silver Criss Cross Manolos 9.jpg

    Silver Criss Cross Manolos 8.jpg

    Silver Criss Cross Manolos.jpg
  7. The first pair! Those are classic.
  8. I like #1. I also like #2 b/c I love strappy shoes and these have some beautiful details on the heels. #3, 4 and 5 are silimar to #1 but I love #1 the best in terms of color and style.
  9. #1!!! They are still the most beautiful.
  10. #1 - to dedicate an entire episode on SATC - those babies are classics!
  11. I like number 2 best, because I think the Asian-influence/Moorish(?) embossing is really attractive and interesting. :yes:
  12. #1 - it is a great eye-catching and timeless style that really stands out. #2 would be next. The rest don't seem as distinctive in comparison.
  13. #1#1#1#1#1!!!!
    The silver Sedarby is my favorite shoe of all time. I think it's the most beautiful, elegant shoe ever made
  14. Wow resounding # 1! You girls also have expensive taste! Some of these shoes were bought on sale. In a bit, after a few more responses, I am going to reveal the prices... but I think that price can sometimes bias a sound opinion.
  15. The 1st pair without a doubt!