Which pair of CL did u (we) wear to work today?

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  1. Which pair did we wear to work today?

    I wore my Black Patent Pigalle to work today
  2. #2 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
  3. jane, could you post a picture?
  4. I'm wearing my Signourney booties. yay
  5. Hi Yaya..do u mean to post in my profile or here?
    hehe..let me try it now
  6. I'm wearing my Grey Patent Rolandos to work today!
  7. Hi dear..Can i ask a stupid question?

    How can i post a pic to this??

    Sorry...for asking this question
  8. jane ~ click the button under the Message box that says Go Advanced and you can upload the pic from your desktop. Then open the link and copy the url and paste it into Insert Image (the little box with the mountain). It should come up in the post.
  9. Hihi..thks very much..
    I have tried to upload this

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    I'm wearing my teal patent new simples..my "go to" shoes...so comfy and love the color!

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  11. hi janembloubie- great shoes.

    My parents are from HK. Have you ever been to the States or Europe- like France, UK, or maybe Scotland?
  12. Thks very much...

    I have been to London and the states when i was young..
    My aunts..(sisters of my ma) stay in US for many years and my parents are US citizens..but I got my British Nationality..so basically i m a boring middle class in Hong Kong...(I have been working as a teacher for many years before I change to another job..)

    today i wore them to work..anyway..i almost end up looking at my shoes all day long
  13. jane ~I love your Pigalles in Patent! I have them in Kid, but the patent is tdf. You must be one hot teacher!
  14. Thanks for posting a pic jane, gorgeous pigalles!
  15. How high are the Grey Patent Rolandos ? about 4 inches too?
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