Which pair of Christian Louboutin?

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  1. I like both pair but can only get one which one should I get?
    index.jpg index1.jpg
  2. i say the first pair......but then again i've biased since i started a thread about that pair :lol:.......my philosophy is the higher the better ;)
  3. I guess I like the white pair, they seem a little more classic.
  4. First pair. I like how they looked on Carmen Electra, kind of classic pin-up.
  5. i like the first pair (in black).
  6. like the 2nd, i think it will outlast the platform style.
  7. I like the second pair, I :heart: peep toes!
  8. 1st pair....so cute!!
  9. second! they'd look so good in the summer!!!
  10. #2, I like the peep toe's.
  11. LVlover- I have the same dilema as you. I think I'm going for the peep toe because the height is more practical. However, the taller one is damn sexy!
  12. the second!
  13. First pair.
  14. mmm first pair..so SEXY..i swear, i am getting convinced to buy a pair
  15. first pair