Which Pair for Mr Louboutin to sign?

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  1. Well on Thursday I will have a chance to have Mr Louboutin sign my shoes. My issue is I can't decide which pair to purchase and have him sign. My options are 150mm black lady peep or the purple vampanodo. Which one would you ladies buy and have signed? Thanks for your help :smile:
  2. I'd go the vampanodo....bit more special/rare than the LP and you're likely to wear it less which will keep it a bit more special...plus...they are totally gorgeous gorgeous shoes! Purple/black is my fave colour in that shoe...
    Or buy both and get him to sign both?? That way you have a pair to show off everyday and a special pair....??
  3. Thanks for the reply. I guess my true issue is that I don't really do black tie events so I was thinking I could wear the Vampanodo with a skirt and top to dinner or a cute pink dress for a night out. My entire collection is filled with classic styles so for some reason I am drawn to the LP. I was planning on buying both for the signing but my SA informed me that he would only sign one pair...
  4. Can you bring your DH or a friend? That way they can help you buy the other pair and have him sign it so you'll have both ;)
  5. Thanks for the suggestion but the signing is on a Thursday at 10 am. I've taken the day off but wouldn't want to ask someone else to do the same....
  6. Ill be at the signing too. I purchased the filo leopard pumps but I'm still deciding if I should have him sign them or my shoe box.

    I really like the LPs since they are to tall I can imagine the signature POP more!
  7. So do you think it's best for him to sign a classic pair or a special pair?

    We will have to meet there can't wait to see all the stylish TPFers
  8. I was thinking the LP for the same reason. I think the taller the shoe, the more the signature will stand out. He'll also have more room to write/draw on. I'm going to a signing on Tuesday and went with the black/gold glitter Filo. Have fun ladies!
  9. Thanks Wannaprada. The Vampanodo is actually 140mm so not much difference in height which is why this decision is so hard :sad:
  10. Just go with your gut, with your first choice. Better yet, have one signed in person and order the other shoe from another store where the SA is willing/able to have it signed and shipped to you! :smile:
  11. Yeah, I agree. Get SA to do the signing for one absentee...that way you can get both. How strict are they??? Maybe they'll let u do both??
  12. I would get the LP signed. The Vampanodo is a lovely shoe that already has a lot going on due to the ribbons. I feel like a signature would make the shoe look too busy and detract from the ribbon design. I would pick the LP because it is a simpler looking shoe and would benefit from designs on the back of the shoe.
  13. Can the Americans please explain to me how signings work?

    You must buy a pair of shoes at the shop during the signing session to get him to sign?
    Only one pair of signed shoes per person?
    How do you know where he will be?

    I wonder if he'll ever come out to Aus....... Wishful thinking!
  14. I keep waiting for him to come out to the Sydney boutique. I'll fly down just to meet him!

    And 4Elegance, is there one pair that you would buy regardless of being able to have them signed?
  15. I would say LP. don't know why, but I feel like if I were in that position, I'd have LPs signed! :P