Which pair do you like better?!

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Hmmm.. Tough call.. Maybe the first one since it's more neutral? They are both pretty neutral and would go with alot but the first is more neutral.
  3. Like them both but I think I like the first one by just a little bit
  4. ^^Yeah.... :yes:

    I found some additional pictures on ebay, look how the ankle strap criss-cross in the back. I really like that. I'm gonna order those. They are on back-order though. lol
  5. My vote is for the first pair
  6. I would go the first. But then again if you have anything that matches either pair more you should go with that.
  7. i htink the second is prettier
  8. first pair is :tup::tup:
  9. #2 is so cute! *love*
  10. No offense intended, but unless you have supermodel long legs, I suggest you buy the second one. The first has that strap wrapped ard your ankle and it'll cut off your leg making it look shorter.
  11. I like the second one more -- it seems more feminine and flirtatious.

  12. Thats a good point. lol

    .....also, the "sea ropes" make the wedge look bulkier, the main reason I was reluctant. I generally dont like espadrilles because they make most women look like they're walking on blocks.
  13. I like number 2 , love the little scarf, very flirty
  14. I love the bow on the second pair, it makes them just a little bit cuter IMO
  15. IMHO, I like the 1st pair better, but really, you can't go wrong with either :graucho: