Which paddy colors come with silver toned lock?

  1. I have two paddys that I love, tan and grenat and both obviously come with a brass lock. I'd like one with a silver toned lock and have seen it in anthracite which is just beautiful...Do other colors come with the silver lock?:heart:
  2. I have seen mousse paddy and it definitely comes with silver toned hardware. It's very beautiful colour, something between grey/blue/green:rolleyes: I'm sure many ladies here own one, I hope somebody posts a pic here:wlae:
  3. Sure do! The gris vert, the mousse colour and the metallic aubergine (which I have) all have a silver lock.... :smile:
  4. There is a new color called Jade I saw at Saks a silver lock very pretty color.
  5. OOoo, Janicemph- how was the jade IRL???
  6. Could someone describe the color gris vert of better yet post a pix??thanks
  7. I believe the new blue, navy, comes with the silver as well.
  8. The Jade is a cross between teal and tourquoise, very pretty and versatile.
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