Which paddy color should I pick.......

  1. I'm planning on getting a new paddy (eventually lol:p) and am wondering what you would pick out of these colors:

    • Chocolate
    • Brun
    • Tobacco
    • Muscade/Nutmeg
    Also, what colors are available in 2007 paddies???:idea:

    Ta everyone!!!:flowers:
  2. I would go for the Muscade, it goes so well with all kind of colors!
  3. Brun and Tobacco is the same colour... I think chocolate might be the same colour as well?! NAP called the dark brown Tobacco, but the name given by Chloe is Brun.

    That should make the decision easier for you?
  4. I would get a muscade or choco 06. Muscade goes with everything so does choco but muscade might be a better all year round bag since it's lighter. Now I prefer the 06 choco personally. I was in the shop a couple of days ago carrying my choco, and they had the brun/tabacco. Brun is really dull in my opinion it's darkbrown with a bid of gray in it and lacks "éclat" (sorry don't know the english word).
    Choco is dark but a much richer/deeper brownshape; definately not the same (my choco tag says chocolat)
  5. ^ Oh ok. Tobacco and brun is the same though.
  6. Thanks leanbeanee I didn't realize that...I think I might have been confising tobacco with the roche color...that definitely helps!!!:flowers:.
  7. Hehehe I think éclat kind of roughly translates as lustre (I speak French too!!!;)).

    Hmm so brun & tobacco is kind of dull??? :sad:
    In that case I'd prefer chocolate, a richer and fuller color.

    So it's down to chocolat and muscade.......I actually saw a galet paddy IRL yesterday and it was really gorgeous too lol....ohhhhh why does a fun decision have to be so hard?!?!:p
  8. Oh galet is really nice too. I do like the colorcombo with the silver. It's less casual than the muscade but might be a bid less versatile. It all depends on what you have already and what you want to use it with.

    decisions, decisions, it's great fun but difficult...
  9. And just because I have no life, here's a little color chart I put together lol:

  10. MUSCADE!!!

    Even the 07 Muscade has great leather. Some other colours are a bit stiff, not slouchy/pebbly.

    Course I'm biased...:graucho:
  11. Muscade or Chocolate :heart:

    My personal preference is Muscade but IMO it is a more casual colour than Chocolate so it depends what you are after :shrugs:
  12. Looks like it's a battle between muscade & chocolate.....
  13. I have muscade and I love it for many reasons. I think the chocolate is beautiful, very rich. I think it depends on which colours you usually wear as to how versatile either colour is. I usually wear fair, warm colours because they suit me so I went for the muscade. They're both gorgeous. Up to you!:heart:
  14. I will be incredibly jealous if you got Muscade...so much so I may turn green...but thats my pick! Its my next bag in line anyway...
  15. I absolutely love this color chart, thank you so much. Wish we could see every paddy color lined up like this.