Which PA outlet is better???

  1. Lahaska or Tannersville?? They re both about an hour and a half away from NYC, and i havent been to them!! I ve been to Hershey, Lancaster, Riverhead, Woodbury Commons, Clinton, CT but not any of those...soooooo which one is better?!?!
  2. I've never been to Tannersville, but Lahaska is very impressive, lots of great stuff, plus right across the street is a bunch of neat stores and restaurants (part of Peddler's Village), so you could make a day of it. Plus the SA's were very nice and helpful there. Fifteen more minutes down the street is New Hope, a very beautiful artsy little town with galleries, theaters, etc. (actually, you could make a whole weekend of it)
  3. cool thanks!!
  4. Lahaska is not Signature though. I don't know about Tannersville.
  5. I love the Tannersville outlet, the SAs are really friendly and they usually have a ton of clearance stuff. It's the polar opposite of Woodbury, much calmer and saner.

    I'm headed out there in a few weeks - I have a few days off from work and am going on a Thursday when things should be extra-calm. I'll post after I go.

  6. I've only been to Tannersville..it wasn't bad, but I like Lancaster better.
  7. yay is tannersville signature??
  8. I'm pretty sure that it is, but I could be wrong...
  9. I m going to Lahaska!!!
  10. Ok came back from Lahaska. The girls were SOOOOO NICE! NICEST SAs I've ever met! but in terms of goodies, :tdown: got a bunch of keyfobs and an umbrella!
  11. When I lived in Jersey I never liked Lahaska that much - not really a good selection compared to Leesburg, VA
  12. I've only been to Lahaska once but didn't find anything I wanted. The SA's were really nice though . I love Tannersville & the SA's are always super nice there :tup: Looking forward to checking out Lancaster and/or Hershey before Christmas.
  13. I'm soooo looking forward to that. It seems easier for me to get to than the others for some reason (even though I suppose it will require a trip down 422).