Which Outlets Carry Signature

  1. Okay...since it seems only SOME outlets carry the signature...and despite the fact that I've probably been to 20 different Coach outlets throughout North America and haven't seen one.....I was thinking....

    If YOUR outlet store carries signature...reply to this post with the location so that others who are interested in buying signature know what outlets have it!
  2. Tilton, NH carries signature. I'm not sure if Kittery Maine does, but Tilton definatley has them.
  3. San Marcos, TX has it for sure!! I was there this past weekend!
  4. Fashion Outlets in Primm, NV and the Las Vegas Premium Outlet both have it...and they new shipments of stuff all the time.
  5. I live in Northern CA and I found signatures at the Coach Outlet in Petaluma.
  6. You can find out which outlets are near you and call each of them and ask if they carry it. Sometimes some outlets that don't carry signature items will have a couple that come in.
  7. Premium and Prime Outlets in Orlando, Florida :yes:
  8. Rehoboth Beach, DE, Lancaster, PA - both do, Hagerstown, MD does not
  9. I was just there last week and they had a couple of sig. items. I guess it's hit or miss?
  10. Exactly so. I used to hit that outlet regularly, and at the most, I would find the occasional mini-sig accessory here and there (like phone cases or a pencil case I'd never seen in the stores), or a limited edition version of signature (example: the big red wool C totes from about 4 years back).

    I've yet to find anything signature in the Leesburg outlet, although I'm hoping to be proved wrong at any moment!
  11. Yea, I'm going there on Monday...the only sig. item I saw there last time was an umbrella that said coach on it. Everything else was just the reg. stuff. It'd be nice to be pleasently surprised on Monday when I go to see some sig. stuff, but, not holding my breath :lol:
  12. the one outside Indianapolis had tons when I went.
  13. I'm going to the Leesburg outlet again tomorrow..LOL I just went last Saturday but I can't pass up a bargain plus I'll do more than just purse shop. The majority of my money will be spent at Coach though. I'll see if they have any signature, I don't remember seeing any last weekend. I hope I find some..wish me luck!
  14. good luck! I was in leesburg of memorial day..and don't remember seeing any... Hopefully their sales are good tomorrow! I may hit that store Monday or Tuesday if the deals are good!
  15. Prime outlet at Niagara Falls.