Which outlet in CA has best range of Signature bags?

  1. Hi,

    It's likely that we will go to CA for Christmas and I wouldn't miss the chance to check out the Coach outlets there? Which CA outlets have the best signature bags, wallets and wristlets? I might be able to get DH to go to two outlet malls so I need to count on your advice.

  2. I love the gilroy outlets.


    I think it's the largest outlet center in CA. I've always found great stuff on discount there and the SA's are really nice.

    Hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. Sorry the link didn't work. Try using this search engine instead for coach stores:

  4. I really like the Gilroy outlet but they don't usually have a ton of signature bags from what I have seen.
  5. Thanks, I have been to the Gilroy one but don't quite remember the variety of bags there. I have been told that the Petaluma one carries Signature stuff, too. Just wanted to see if anyone has had any luck at the other CA outlets.
  6. Curlsjang, it depends on what area you're visiting. I've noticed the Coach outlet at Desert Hills (Palm Springs- east of LA) is HUGE. I dont remember what their selection was when I was last there (July). But they did have a lot of discontinued and limited edition products. I saw this amazing leather Doctor's style satchel bag that was sooooo tempting. I've never seen that one again..
  7. Oops sorry I thought I mentioned it but I didn't. We are going to Northern California so it would be close to Gilroy, Vacaville, Petaluma and maybe Napa. I am hoping to hit two of these but just not sure which ones have the best Signature selections.

    It is my dream to go to the Desert Hills outlet mall, they have such an extensive list of stores. Hopefully, someday we'll be in that area.