Which outlet do i go to while visiting Charlotte, NC?

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  1. Hi, I'll be visiting my husbands aunt and uncle in Charlotte, NC soon and I definately will be going to the outlets if there is one nearby. If someone could please tell me which is the closest one, i may want to call ahead and put some items on hold. Thanks.
  2. The only one I know of in NC is Smithfield.
  3. If you can head over to GAFFNEY, SC. it is about 1hr from Charlotte. The new outlet we are getting ( Concord Mills Outlet Mall) is not opening until Sept.
  4. The Smithfield and Nag's Head outlets that are in NC are too far out of the way if you will be in Charlotte. Your best bet is probably going to the nearby SC one.
  5. OMG! We are getting a Coach outlet at Concord Mills? Is this definite? You just made my year!! :yahoo:

    While iin Charlotte, if you do not have a Dillards near you, you may want to check them out. There is one at the SouthPark Mall which carries Coach and they have great sales on clearance items. Usually clearance price and then additional 30% off every last Wednesday of the month....will go thru the weekend but best picking is to hit it on Wed.

  6. YEPPERS!!! It has been on there website for awhile. I can't wait!!

  7. I can't wait <doing the happy dance!>
  8. Just go to Gaffney in South Carolina. There selection could be better at times. I guess I spoiled at the Wrentham Outlets in MA. I am anxiously waiting for the one in Concord Mills to open in Sept. The signs are already up in the window that they are coming.I am curious how good the selection will be here. I live across the street from the mall so this is not going to be good for my wallet.
  9. Oh my gosh, I would be broke if that were me! I have this stupid "won't drive on the highway phobia" so in order for me to go to Gaffney, I have to ride with someone else. Unfortunately my friends don't share my Coach passion. But Concord Mills is pretty much a straight shot WT Harris to North Tryon. I live near Matthews so I am not as close as you, but can see myself taking a monthly shopping excursion. Let me just say it is killing me that I am too phobic to hop in my car and drive to Gaffney with all the great deals on Zoes right now!

  10. The new outlet coming to Concord Mills is going to be MASSIVE! (Well, at least as compared to the one in Gaffney) I can't wait! My office is less than 30 minutes from there, which is not going to be a good thing!
  11. I went to Grad School in Charlotte - nice to know if I ever go back for a visit they will have a Coach outlet =)