Which outfit should i wear?


Apr 9, 2011
Hey guys,*
*I'm on a cruise ship and were going to be "crossing the line" (equator) in three days and for the ceremony I don't know what to wear. Basically it's where everyone who has never crossed the equator before has to make a "sacrifice" haha. The sacrifice in this case is you get messy with the "kitchen leftovers" poured all over you...basically you get covered in like a cake batter kind of mixture. You DO get super messy I hear :smile: And then after you're messy you get dunked in the pool.*

So yeah... Idk what to wear. Traditionally you're supposed to get very dressed up for it, just because the ceremony is a big deal, everyone is watching, and you should look your best for it. I def want to dress up , because EVERYONE I've talked to is pretty much wearing their best outfits for this, and getting really dressed up.*

Basically the options are (what I brought with me on the trip):
Really Dressed Up, Outfit 1: Gorgeous Emilio Pucci evening dress, Jimmy Choo heeled sandals*
Really Dressed Up, Outfit 2: Red Jovani evening dress, Christian Louboutin nude heels*
Slightly-less Dressed Up, Outfit 3: White Albert Nipon skirt suit, Stuart Weitzman pumps*

Pretty much that's all the options I have...I dont have anything "in-between." After those options, it's just a top/jeans pretty much. What do you think I should wear? It seems like everyone is getting all dressed up and wearing their best clothes. I know a girl I've gotten to know on the ship is wearing a gorgeous designer dress and Louboutin heels. So should i just go all out too so I don't look underdressed?*

I also have to decide what kind of bh I should carry...I think i should carry a bag to complete the outfit :smile: The bags I have with me that would go with the outfits are a Louis Vuitton clutch, and a Chanel shoulder bag. What do you think?*

Thanks so much in advance :smile:*

Mia Bella

Mar 27, 2008
Ok...the ceremony sounds cute, especially since you're doing something cool like crossing the equator, but I wouldn't sacrifice a very expensive outfit for something that'll be over so quickly. I think you should wear the top/jeans combo because once you're covered in food no one (or you) will care what you look like. After you get dunked in the pool you can go back to your room and change into one of your gowns if you want.

Sorry if I've been no help but I wouldn't wear a designer gown and designer jeans to something like this no matter how dressy everyone else will be.

Either way have fun! I'm sure that won't be hard to do! :smile:


Apr 9, 2011

Thanks for replying :smile: I understand what you're saying, they are expensive outfits...but I don't know if I really have much of a choice. I mean, the girls I've been hanging out with and partying with on the ship are all planning on getting super dressed up, designer dress/heels, even getting their hair and makeup done at the stylist onboard. So if I wear like jeans and a top, I'm going to feel really left out and severely underdressed, you know what I mean? Plus they'll think I'm cheap for wearing a casual outfit to something That's supposed to be formal, especially when they are wearing expensive designer outfits.

So yeah...what do you think?


Jan 13, 2010
Well, that's a weird tradition... You suppose to be all dressed up even knowing that all that beauty would be destroyed later?
I would feel really bad for doing that to my designer clothes I spent so much money on. I don't even do the laundry at home, take it to a good dry cleaner.

If you still have those 3 days, maybe you could have gone shopping for some cute and inexpensive dresses, like Forever 21 and others? Or of you are already on board you can go shopping for the outfit when you reach the land. I mean if you board somewhere before the party...

Good luck and hope you'll find a good solution :smile:


May 17, 2010
wait..they are putting you into that stuff and you are going to wear designer clothes???? uhhh....wouldnt you wear a bikini? im confused

Great idea! Wear a designer bikini with the works: jewels, hair and make-up. That way you aren't the only one not "done up" for the occassion. I would hate to hear you wore a silk gown with your suede shoes carrying your luxurious fur clutch :wtf:


Jan 20, 2010
OMG i just read your entire post (sorry i just looked at only your outfit choice before lol) I don't care what kind of ceremony or how special it is, or what my friends will wear but I will NOT wear all those designer labels you just listed to get crap poured on me and dunked in the poor...seriously, just wear a designer bikini


Apr 9, 2011
Hey guys,
I didn't expect everyone on here would be so hostile about dressing up! Haha.

No, I'm not in the navy, this is a cruise ship. The ceremony is in three days, but I don't have any time between now and then to purchase an outfit - I'm stuck with what I have. And that isn't much, to be honest, at least when it comes to dressy outfits. Basically what I outlined in the first post is all I have.

Everyone gets dressed up for this, as far as I know, at least anyone with some class....and my friends I've met onboard so far will all be getting dressed to the nines. So I would really feel left out, and severely undressed, if I wore something like a bathing suit like you guys are suggesting. Idk, what do you think?


Dec 12, 2010
have you asked the other ladies on the boat that are dressing up about your valid concerns of ruining an expensive and beloved outfit? Are their outfits disposable or are they just not thinking? And if they have disposable designer gowns, ask to borrow one of theirs!