Which outfit designed on Project Runway (1, 2 or 3) would you shell out for?

  1. Hey everyone!
    I'm basically posting this thread because after watching reruns of Season 1 and 2 out of sheer boredom, I realized that I fell in love with this particular design:


    Made by a crowd favorite and one of my favorites as well, although I was rooting for someone else to win on the show. Can you guys guess who designed it?
    Now, THIS, I would definitely shell out for.:love:

    I'd love to see a challenge wherein they're asked to design a bag! That would definitely be something neat.:drool:

    Love, Peace and Tim Gunn,
    LYO :o)
  2. ^
    I believe it was designed by Austen Scarlett for the Banana Republic challenge. I, too, loved that dress although as I recall the judges weren't thrilled. (I so rarely agree with them anyway!)
  3. That dress is gorgeous! :drool:
  4. Yep, it's an Austin original! You're right, a lot of the times the judges are totally wrong with the winners but I think sometimes it's the fault of their guest judges which would explain why, during the Sasha Cohen challenge, this figure skating outfit:

    [​IMG] won over this [​IMG]

    Kayish: It IS divine, isn't it? :love:

  5. Canada is behind on Project Runway Season 3, but so far, assuming it would fit and look good on me, I'd buy:


    From Season 2:


    From Season 1:

  6. lyo111,
    Me too! I'm so bored that I ordered Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD and I've been watching them!
  7. Oh wow, those are really nice. Now, I have this sudden urge to hit the mall...:nuts:

  8. I love Jay's design and Jeffrey's collection the best. :biggrin:
  9. I would buy Daniel and Nick's Banana Republic outfit and Uli's dress she made in the last challenge.
  10. I would buy pretty much anything by Uli.
  11. I loved the black Audrey Hepburn dress made by the designer that put "flourettes" on everything. (They were those little fabric flower things.) It was the dress that Heidi Klum said she would buy in every color! So would I!:P
  12. ^^^ I totally agree. Here's a pic:


    Classic yet modern! love it!
  13. ^^I love that dress above!!!

    I loved Austen's, Ulli's, and Michael's designs! Not all, but most
  14. Jay's Banana Republic dress was my favorite from all three seasons. It was beautiful.
  15. Any of Kara's (sorry, not sure about the name) in the Decoy fashion show.