which other designer handbags do you own besides Jimmy Choo?

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  1. Right now, I own:

    --Jimmy Choo
    --Yves Saint Laurent
    --Salvatore Ferragamo
    --Louis Vuitton
    --Marc Jacobs
    --Nancy Gonzalez

    I've also owned many other brands over the years, but have gotten rid of them as my tastes have changed.

    What about you?
  2. I don't get to wear/carry my nice things very often so it's not really worth my while right now having too many handbags, especially very high end (would love a Paddy or Baby Spy). Right now other than JC my other love is Celine and of all things Coach. As you can see from the pic I'm not really into large bags, I'm more of an on the shoulder, underarm type of gal.
  3. In my younger days, before I "graduated" to other bags, I was majorly into Coach too. I had tons of Coach bags and I had their entire inventory memorized at all times!:rolleyes:

    I once owned a Celine Boogie Bag too, and in a fit of lunacy, I sold it. :push: Sooner or later, I'm gonna buy one back for myself.
  4. I love my Celine bag and purse, it can be dressed down or up and fits so well under my arm or feels just as comfortable if I carry it in my hand or by the handle. I think the Coach love comes from the fact it's not easily obtainable on the UK market. Same as Hayden Harnett, I'm a bit obsessed with getting a Luca at the moment, I'm sure it's because I can't have one. I keep looking at Paddy's and Baby Spy's but right now it's not the time to own one, right now I would not be able to do either one justice.
  5. Mine are:

    - Chanel
    - LV
    - Gucci
    - Prada
    - Dior
    - Chloe
    - Fendi
    - Anya Hindmarch
    - Luella
  6. ^^^Lol, I just noticed your note about "Spelling mistakes are all alcohol induced!"

    Getting late there in the UK, huh? It's just happy hour here. Cheers! :drinkup:
  7. Puteribelibelah, I just checked out your collection. Lovely bags! You should consider posting pics of your JC bags in the reference thread at the top of the subforum, if you haven't done so already. :yes:

    It's interesting to see that Jimmy Choo fans have wide-ranging tastes.
  8. I only have 1 JC bag now (sold my Ramona; kept the Riki)
    But, I currently have:
    4 Ferragamos
    1 Fendi
    3 YSL
    3 Prada
    1 Dolce and Gabbana
    1 Gucci
    1 Miu Miu
    and a few others :smile:
  9. Thanks, Cosmo. :heart: I definitely will post in the JC reference thread as soon as I get settled. I'm in the middle of relocating and living in a hotel at the moment.
  10. I have sold a number of my bags in the last 2 years, to justify my newer purchases.
    I currently own my 5 beloved Jimmy :choochoo: Choo's
    Chloe Paddington
    Chloe Betty Chain
    Marc Jacobs
    Michael Kors

    Lastly, my Dooney Burke Dr. Satchel from 1988 which was from my DH:love: who started this entire purse insanity fixation of mine.
  11. In my collection I have:

    Bottega Veneta
    Judith Lieber
    Emio Pucci
    Louis Vuitton
    Marc Jacobs
  12. Currently I have 11 Jimmy Choo handbags (just recently sold 2), I've been a Jimmy Choo fan for the last 4 or 5 years, so I've got quite a collection. I've been trying to post pics, but for some reason I can't upload my photos. Not sure what the problem is, since I don't have a problem with e-bay, etc.
    I also have:
    Marc Jacobs
    Isabella Fiore
    Celine (been considering selling my Boogie, but after reading the above threads, will reconsider)
  13. Try re-sizing them. I had to do that to get them to upload on here.
  14. chanel
    bottega veneta
    costume national
    andrea bruckner
    louis vuitton
    gerard darel
    cole hahn
    marc jacobs

    could be more...i'll have to look around.
  15. I think it's great to see tPF members with such diverse handbag collections. I'm a big proponent of that.

    I've never quite understood why some members pledge their undying allegiance to one particular brand of bags--and then buy multiples of that brand, and nothing else. There are so many great bags available, you've gotta share the love, right? :yes:

    p.s.--I really hope that everybody can find a way to upload their Choo bag pics into our reference thread.