Which other brands have leather bags like my Scarlett?

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  1. Ok...My Kooba desert Scarlett was the first kooba I ever bought.
    I didnt like the colour at first but now, after alot of use, it rocks.
    Anyway, I really love the 'desert' leather (the marcelle and sienna in this colour seems to have the same leather). I like the rugged grainy texture that runs through it and the softness of it.
    The other three koobas I bought since just didnt compare leather-wise and I sold them off.

    Are there are Kooba's that I have overlooked that have this same type of leather, or even any other designer bags that have this kind of leather?

    scarlett 003.jpg
  2. That's a hard question. That Desert color and leather was unique and seems prominent in the Scarlett & Sienna and not much else. I would say the closest leather to it, and one that would be comparable in texture and thickness would be the Terraine found in Carla's and Maria's. It's thick and grainy and I especially love it. It beats the smooth leather of the Old Siennas with the nice distressed feel and look.