Which Orange Inside The Orange Box?


Which was/would be your first orange?

  1. The Original Orange H

  2. Potiron

  3. Feu

  4. Sanguine

  5. Mangue

  6. Capucine

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have always liked the idea of a bag in orange, but a stickler for quieter neutrals. Those needs having been met, thoughts have turned to a casual bag from within the orange colour family. I have looked at orange reference thread, but difficult to compare the various shades and some of the newer ones have yet to have many (if any) examples.

    Are there any orange fans who would be kind enough to share some comparison shots? Would love see mangue, sanguine, feu, potiron and of course, the classic orange.

    Actually while we are here, those who have taken the plunge, can you say which orange was for you and why you chose it?

    Many thanks in anticipation.
  2. I have bags in orange and sanguine (clemence), I wouldn't call sanguine orange, personally I think of it as an orangey pink. It's quite difficult to photograph and changes with the light. Orange is quite literally the colour of a Jaffa orange - a nice bright pop of colour.
  3. Hahahaha! I m the first one to vote here.
    I have been offered sanguine and mengue birkins after scoring original orange but I turned them down.
    Maybe just I am too traditional and I think gold buckle goes better with original orange than other oranges.
  4. i went for capucine... although i love the original H orange, i am just more of a pop color kinda gal, and when i saw pics of capucine on here (chincac's), i literally died over this color... it is bright and vibrant, a reddish orange, very rich... after seeing and having this "orange", the original orange pales in comparison to me... but again that is me and my taste, if you like quieter colors, i would go for orange, feu or potiron...

    i think in terms of color vibrancy, it goes: potiron < orange < feu < capucine
    with potiron being more pumpkin orange to my eyes

    i am not a fan of mangue, sanguine... to me these are "in between colors" like it couldn't decide between salmon pink or orange or what, and ended up being kinda muddled and confused :p

    hope this helps! good luck on this fabulous dilemma to have! :flowers:

    SIMPLY TO DIE FOR WITH GOLD HARDWARE!!! Very luxurious, shocking, and classy at the same time, if that is possible!!

    I also like potiron.

    I personally do not like mangue which is milky and sanguine which is kind of drab (to me)...but sanguine works as a neutral color if you are allergic to color.
  6. I decided to get the original orange becouse i wanted only one Birkin and decided the best H colour for this bag would be would be orange, good luck with your decision
  7. i love your assessment of this color purselover!!! i totally agree! it's so bright and bold, but at the same time classy and timeless... it really defies explanation to me! :hbeat: my DH is more of a classic person, not into brights and bolds as i am, and yet he LOVES capucine... it is his favorite of all my bags... i think that says something...
  8. You are very lucky to have Capucine, my dear! :hugs: This coming from a neutral lover who takes trendy colors with a grain of salt...
  9. I think Orange and Potiron would be the most classic options out of the six. Where Potiron is lighter in color and Orange more a 'pop' color but still very nice.
    Capucine is the brightest option out of the six. Beautiful color, but bright.
    Not a fan of Mangue, it's too milky in my opinion. Feu could also be a nice option.
    Feu is a bit between Orange and Capucine. So if you would like something brighter than the regular Orange but not as bright as Capucine, you might want to consider Feu.
    As for Sanguine, I have a Sanguine Birkin myself in Togo. In strong sunlight it can look a bit bright too, but Sanguine is really a chameleon color and looks different in different lightings. I wouldn't describe this color like a true orange, more like a corail color. Orange with corail undertones.
    I attached a few pictures for you of my Sanguine Birkin. Hope this helps and good luck with your decision :smile:.


    ^^ See the corail undertones in this picture?


    While it looks a bit more like Brique in this picture ^^


    ^^ Mix it with an orange top (very simple picture, but you get the idea :p).


    ^^ Sanguine B and Magic Kelly scarf. Looks like Brique in this picture.


    ^^ Here it is with a brighter scarf.


    ^^ With Mythiques Phoenix scarf


    ^^ In action...


    ^^ With CSMC scarf in salmon cw. This was an unexpected match, love how the salmon goes well with Sanguine.
    I love to wear Sanguine with neutral outfits.
  10. I'd vote for the Original Orange. It's a classic colour that surprisingly easy to match with any colour outfits. Bright enough when it wants to be bright, soft and versatile enough for both casual and more formal occasion.
  11. Is capucine a seasonal color? Somehow orange doesn't go with my skin tone, wonder if capucine would??? It's a beautiful color. Is it similar to RC? I am thinking of getting capucine in GP. Thanks!

    OP, I love potiron but thought the color is rested.
  12. X2!!! Totally agree with Carlinha and Purselover!!
  13. definitely the classic H orange
  14. Though I love H classic orange on others, It doesn't work with my skin tone either. I chose Capucine which does wonders for my skin! Finding just the right shade of orange to complement skin is tricky, but I agree with the lovely ladies who recommend capucine. Stunning! Best of luck deciding!:smile:
  15. yep capucine is from last season i believe... RC is more a true red while capucine is orange with red tones. hope this helps!