Which Orange Bag?

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  1. For some odd reason I keep looking at these two...which one do you like better? The flight bag is also $100 more...I'm hoping they both go on sale eventually.
    diorflight.jpg dior2.jpg
  2. I like the second one.
  3. I vote for the Flight one. I think the colors go together better. Both line came out about the same time. I think the Flight might be just slightly older than the other.
  4. I prefer the flight bag, the pochette is cute but it's sooooo small !
  5. i like the first one
  6. 3 to 1 for the flight bag! This better go on sale soon!
  7. I like the flight bag.
  8. Wow! Thanks soooo much!!! Anyone know if it's authentic???? or should I repost this in the sticky?
  9. It's authentic...I own the exact same purse and the interior tag looks EXACTLY like this. I purchased mine from eBay and took it to Holt Renfrew to compare with the real thing. The SAs weren't terribly happy with that, though.
  10. i prefer the second one.
  11. I prefer the colors of the flight bag.. Go for it!
  12. I like the second one!
  13. i like the first one.
  14. I've seen the pochette in Neimans and it is very small. Smaller than it looks in the picture. IF you don't mind the size, I would go for it but otherwise, I vote for #1.
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