Which option would you chose?

  1. Hi, I new to this board. This is my first post. I need help deciding:

    I cannot decide between a speedy 25 or cabas piano so I was thinking of getting both instead of getting one LV bag and matching wallet. The wallet is almost as much as the Speedy 25.
    What do you guys think? TIA

    Option #1
    Both Speedy 25 and Cabas Piano


    Option # 2

    Either Cabas Piano or Speedy 25 and a LV wallet
  2. Option # 1 :lol::flowers:
  3. Welcome to the PF! I would go for option #1.
  4. Definitely #1... I have both and love them!!
  5. Option 1 ! I'd so much rather have two LV bags :biggrin:
  6. I'd go with option #2. I like my bags and wallets to match. And welcome to the forum!
  7. Option 1.
  8. option 1 definitely!
  9. Option 1 definetly :amuse:
  10. Option 1!
  11. depends if you need a new wallet :yes:
  12. 1

    welcome to PF! hope you get yours purses.
  13. Welcome!
    #1 :yes:
  14. Do you have to ask? More purses please. :roflmfao:
  15. Welcome to the forum! I'd say go for #2, and get a Piano and a wallet.