which onlines stores "Price Match"?

  1. Hi, I'm new to the purse forum :nogood: and I've been reading a lot of posts that talk about price matching. Which online stores price match? Thanks! - arden
  2. Zappos.com will price match. They only carry Marc by Marc Jacobs though.
  3. Good question! - Zappos.com is terrific.

    I also am familiar with using an on-line (legit) site to get a "price match" from Nordstroms. (both in-store and on-line).
  4. EMMY had Shopbop pricematch for her, and had called shoptwigs who said they would do it as well.
  5. ^ I didn't call shoptwigs...just shopbop..and yes..shopbop did pricematch the MJ chic bag to Barney's price....from $795 to $479!!!!! That was just a few days ago....I'll post pics when I get her!!! ..and btw no tax..free shipping...!!
  6. Saks does, as long as the item in question is available, and the price match is due to a permanent markdown (the item will never be full price again). However, their actual sale starts on Dec. 3 so more MJ could be marked down.