Which online luxury good store ship to canada??

  1. BLuefly?Net-A-Porter?? etc etc...

    Thank you!
  2. both bluefly and and Net-A-Porter do..but the bluefly fees are really high.
    NM does, but you have to call their 1-800 # to place your order.
    Saks only ships from their stores, not their site or 1-800 #.
    Shopbop does (again high fees).
    bloomingdales does, but again you have to call their 1-800#.
    revolve clothing and active endeavours are my favs for clothes b/c they have free shipping to canada (and they both carry some bags)!

    hope that helps! :yes:
  3. Bluefly sold a lot of fake bags awhile ago and did nothing to compensate for it. Avoid shopping there!

    Aloha Rag is great, as is Net-a-Porter. Both ship really quickly!

    NM has very slow shipping (two and a half to three weeks!)

    Are you looking for something specific?
  4. im looking for a parada messenger bag...