which ones???

  1. so, i went to the outlet today and found two amazing bags. i am not normally a demi girl, i prefer totes but got these two demis at $111 each. i luv em but i also love the shoulder tote that my outlet doesn't have but runs $203. i could wait and get one bag or keep two, what do ya'll think?
    camel.JPG choco.JPG wan.JPG
  2. I think I would keep the leather demi...
  3. wow that's cheap! love the leather, but that cotton shoulder bag is beautiful!
  4. i'm a fan of the cotton carly demi, but if you could swing it, go for the shoulder tote.
  5. They're all lovely... but I just HAVE to vote for the shoulder bag!! :smile:
  6. shoulder bag!
  7. Another :yes: to the Shoulder Tote. That is a great price on the demis, though!