Which ones?

  1. I've been pretty undecided on which color to get cause I figured it would be a waste to get both. So which one is better the white or the tobacco? I want oppinions and Im looking to order today cuase they're selling out fast. I would appreciate the help grrls! TIA:confused1:

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  3. depends on the colors of clothes you wear and the bags you have. ex: if you have more light colored clothes and white bags i would go with white.
  4. see thats the thing my clothes are all over the place in colors (navy, black, yellow, red, pink) so are my bags. These are my colors of bags I have Gucci-rose/brown belt bag, black canvas, LV damier brown, damier azur, ivory Muse, Coach signature brown, signature fuschia, signature white/skyblue. Im trying to buy more black and white now to blend all these colors in jeje. But I guess I would just go for the nicer color :oh:
  5. Personally I would get the tobacco. But that is only because it would drive me crazy if I got the white dirty. Knowing me, that is exactly what would happen the first time I wore it.
  6. tobacco, definetly. I think they would stay nicer longer.
  7. what did you decide?
  8. Tobacco :tup:
  9. tobacco
  10. tobacco
  11. I think the tobacco ones will definitely hold up better. I also just like that colour better on this style.
  12. I think tobacco will go with more.
  13. Another vote for tobacco.
  14. I'd go w/ tobacco too!
  15. Another vote for Tobacco! :tup: (If you haven't already ordered).