Which ones to keep???

  1. I have bought more handbags and shoes than I anticipated with all the sales. I love them all!!!! But something unfortunately has to go back :sad:. Please help!!

    Just for reference, I have black boots, not sure what to wear with beige boots. I could wear all shoes in the office, except for CLs. Too fancy. All shoes are 4"heels.

    So the boots are Miu Miu, beige shoes are Dior, black shoes are Chloe, and of course, CLs.
    Chloe.jpg CL.jpg Dior.jpg Miu Miu beige.jpg Miu Miu black.jpg
  2. keep the chloe's and the CL's
    they are all beautiful though!!
  3. They're all great buys! I would keep the CLs and the Dior.
  4. keep cl's and chloe....there are just fabolous:okay:
  5. The CL's are a must keep. I'd say keep both the Dior and Chloe if you can. They are both super cute.
  6. I like the Chloes the least. Do you only need to return one pair? If not the Chloes, maybe the beige boots. If you're not sure what to wear them with, you may not get much use out of them.
  7. So, CLs are on everyone's list. They were actually the most expensive. I got them at NM for 579. Then Saks had that sale, 40% off, but their CLs were in a moss color, which I thought were less wearable, even though they came up to around $380. The Chloes are my favorite and second expensive ($435). The Diors are the least expensive at 200, and I think they are very good meeting shoes. I guess I'll return the beige boots. I cannot imagine wearing them with anything else but a black outfit. For some reason, I find it hard to find an outfit for non-black boots than non-black shoes.
    Ok, so I am off to the store tomorrow. You guys are making me keep the most expensive shoes!!!! :smile: I have to look for special occasions now to wear the CLs :smile:

    On the side note, someone should teach me how to pose in pictures. :smile: I didn't make the shoes stand out and I actually have very skinny legs. Funny how the pictures came out :smile:

    Thanks very much, guys!!!!
  8. i love the boots and the CLs. the black shoes are very cool too.
  9. I like the Chloes the best.