which ones should i keep? pls help me decide...

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  1. hi,

    i need to raise some $$ to fund something else...and i've come to the conclusion that i'd need to sell 2 of my bags. the problem is i can't decide which ones i should keep and which 2 should i sell. please help me decide...

    here are the choices:
    - medium/large classic black lambskin with GH (14yrs old)
    - medium/large grey sparkly denim (leather interior) with SH (from 2005/2006?)
    - white e/w flap with SH (from 2005? not sure, but it's not very old)
    - beige PST with GH (bought in june 2007)
    - black caviar petit timeless tote with GH (bought in march 2006). this is the one with zipper top

    i also have a large paris biarritz tote (not shown), but i'm using this as an everyday mom tote, so i'd like to keep this one.

    i've attached picture....

    thanks in advance:heart:
  2. beautiful collection! since you need an everyday mom tote, I would get rid of one of the totes, maybe the GST since your PB is large. And depending on what bag it is that you want to get, you could get rid of either your largest bag (black med lambskin) or the EW.
  3. bye bye to the pst! Love everything else!
  4. whoops I wrote that out wrong...I meant get rid of the beige PST and one of the flaps!
  5. i wld sell the denim flap and the beige pst :smile:
  6. i'm hoping to raise some $$$ to help towards a kelly.
  7. 2 bags you say?
    I would get rid of the beige PST and maybe the 14 yr old one.
  8. [​IMG]

    Lovely family collection:drool::drool:

    It's a tough choice.....If i have to choose, will sell the vintage vintage chanel flap (abt 14 yrs old) and the petite shopping tote with the zipper:flowers:
  9. For me will be to get rid of the beige one... and the black lambskin...
  10. I would say sell the denim one and keep the rest.
  11. the black lambskin is the oldest, but cause i've only used her a handful of time, she's in pretty good condition and the quilting surprisingly is still puffy....that's why i'm not too sure about selling her. but that's why i need all you wonderful tpf-er's advice:yes:
  12. The beige one and the vintage black classic should be get rid..
    I can't see the condition but I think 14 years of using, it maybe worth enough for the money you paid when you brought.
    but you got a nice family of Chanel bag.:tup:;)
  13. Sell the beige PST and one of the black bag. I like the Denim flap. It's different.
  14. Here's my opinion, sell the denim flap and the timeless tote.
    With the prices going up, it's good to keep the black flap (it's gorgeous). The beige PST and white e/w just gives your collection nice colour......
  15. I have a feeling between the Kelly and your PB, you won't really be reaching for the PST and timeless tote as much. I would get rid of those and keep the flaps - they're all gorgeous and a balanced colour variety. :yes:

    Good luck!! ;)