Which ones should I get?

  1. My brother (who lives in Paris) has agreed to get me a couple of Balenciaga bags and will arrange for them to be shipped to me, sans detaxe!

    I need your help in deciding which ones to get. I want to get two:

    Black city classique; or
    Black box; or
    Black twiggy; or
    Pale Pink purse; or
    Burgundy Office/work

    In October, the Blue India and camel colors will be in. I will get another one then, but for now, what do you ladies think?

    Thank you for your help!!
  2. I am partial to the Twiggy style, so I think you should go for a Black Twiggy.
  3. I would get a black city for sure. Do you like big bags or small bags?
  4. I like them roomy but not too big or small. I'm definitely getting one in black, hence the 3 options. I LOVE pale pink (I'm a pink fan) and wanted it in work, but they don't have it anymore. Only in burgundy. I like the shape of the purse but it doesn't come with shoulder straps, so I wonder if that's a problem?
  5. I am very partial to the twiggy style because I'm a Speedy freak and it reminds me so much of the denim neo speedy. You cannot go wrong with a black twiggy or classique as far as resale later on, if you ever decide to change it up.

    How exciting to have it come from the Paris store ~ that's just an added bonus. :yahoo:
  6. Regarding the purse style- you can wear it on the shoulder.
  7. Black city and pale pink purse!
  8. Would this be your first Bbag? I would vote for the Black City (medium). It's a great every day bag. I had the WORK/Office (no strap) in grenat & though I could fit it over my shoulders (snug), it is really meant to be hand held. It is also larger (& bulkier) than the City and since I wasn't loving it, I returned it for a grenat Purse (also no strap) which was meant to fit easily over your shoulder (even with a coat).
  9. Glimmer - I was about to think the same thing!!

    But it does seem that the twiggy is going to be a dream too.

    Sigh. Decisions decisions decisions!
    My only bonus is that everything will be at a huge discount, plus direct from Paris.
  10. I like the Black Box.
  11. Do you think without the shoulder straps, the Purse is as cool? I would really like a pale pink with rock-star straps :smile:
  12. I don't know. I think you may be happer with another style then?
  13. I had a calcaire twiggy and bubblegum pink first, both sold. I'd wanted a black but when I bought my bags, black wasn't available. Both were great, but I did find the first a tad small.

    Question: does the city "bulk up" like the first when you throw more things in it? I had little trouble with the twiggy, but with a little more, the first kinda looked bloated.

    And do you love your purse? Is it bigger than the city?
  14. i actually really like the box shape, i think it's really unique and still holds a lot of stuff, but the black city would also be really classic and versatile. i love pale pink so that definitely gets my second vote, especially because i love the look of the purse style.
  15. burgundy work & black city classique!!!
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