Which ones!? I want Winter Boots but can't decide!

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Black or Brown?

  1. Black!

  2. Brown!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. [​IMG]

    versus --


    I'm completely undecisive on this one! I want black winter boots so bad, but those brown ones are cute too! Okay ladies, I need your help!

    Also, would black stockings with those brown boots be completely tacky looking?
  2. Oh, the brown ones are so cute! The black ones are nice, too, but I would worry about the white fringe getting dirty. Good luck!
  3. #1! I love the pom poms!
  4. Both are cute but I prefer the browns!
  5. i prefer the brown ones!!!
  6. The brown...who could resist those fluffy pom poms?! I love them!
  7. haha yay! thanks girls, keep 'em coming, but looks like its unanimous on the brown anyways!
  8. i just voted for the brown ones. very cute.
  9. the brown looks more classic :yes:
  10. I like the brown ones better :smile:

  11. Brown! :smile:
  12. Brown!
  13. The brown ones are so cute
  14. I like the brown ones.
  15. I really love the brown ones. I'm not crazy about the white furry trim on the black.