Which one?

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  1. Option one or option two?

    Option one is the Monogram, and option two is the Damier Graphite. To protect my identity I have replaced initials with Ws.
  2. Option two
  3. I wouldn't pick these colors because in real life it looks very "ketchup + mustard."

    But if you are committed to these colors, I would say go with Monogram! But Graphite is pretty too. You need both.
  4. The first one. The mono just seems to make those colours more vibrant and well-defined.
  5. I agree that they probably look like a bland combination, but for my first Mon Mono/Damier Gaphite piece I wanted the colors to have a special meaning, therefore the colors are actually a reference to my Spanish heritage. And they are none other than the colors of the Spanish flag of course! Haha and both would be nice but a person only needs one passport ����

    And I was leaning towards the Mono too, thanks for the help!

    ^and I tried to include emojis but I guess they're not supported from safari on iPad.
  6. The first thing that hopped to my mind was Gryffindor:biggrin:
  7. Yes I agree! However I'm not sure if that's just a website thing or if the colors are really toned down on the Mon Damier Graphite when compared with the Mon Mono items.

    Does anyone have any info on that?^
  8. Lol!
  9. DG is significantly darker than mono and it seems that the colour applied on top doesn't show up as brightly (maybe the colours are more muted to better fit the men's line?) as well as the red and yellow seems to be contrasting rather than complimenting.
  10. Damier Graphite...and I love your colors. Looks gorgeous!!
  11. Mono.
  12. Oh that's great where is your family from in Spain?

  13. Agree
  14. Ares, Spain... I always get it and Buenos Aires confused haha
  15. I was thinking the same! :biggrin:
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