Which One..........

  1. Bought Two White Bags At The Outlet. One Yesterday And One Today. Which One Should I Keep???

  2. i've seen the second IRL and the color is not as deep as i'd like.

    i'd say number one! how much was both? cost would factor into my decision too but number one, as a student i can get more use out of, or use it as a carryon when at airports :smile:
  3. I am not really a fan of red, so I like the first one too. I have seen it in person and I fell in love with it.
  4. Sorry, These Were The Only Pictures That I Could Find, But I Bought Both In White. Just Not Sure Of Which Style. The Tote Was $223 And The Satchel $239. Thanks For Your Input Though.
  5. I'd say #1 :smile:
    i'm scared to get a white bag- i'd prob drop grape juice on it or something!
  6. Well if they are both in white I would say the satchel. Could you take a picture of the bags I would love to seem them both in white
  7. My vote is for the tote! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the style of the tote! Plus my personal tastes lead me towards larger tote style bags, I think they are more practical and ya can get more out of them for the money.
  8. #2
  9. I`ll say number 2, I don`t care for the pockets on the side of number 1
  10. I just noticed that your are also in Ohio, may I ask which outlet you got those at? And if they came in any other colors?
  11. definately number 2
  12. BOTH! I LOVE :heart: this braided line. I can't get enough. I have the white braided hobo and I love it so much I can't even begin to describe the infatuation. I would love to have both of those bags in white and tobacco. So, I say keep them both and get them in brown too:devil: ! Hehe. By the way, I carry the hobo a LOT and I haven't had any trouble with stains, etc.
  13. I like both! If you had to keep one I would say:

    1.) Pick the Tote if you need extra room for day to day things.

    2.) Pick the satchel if you want something you can wear out at night to dinner or during the day to work.

    I think the satchel is more versatile, but I still like both! Did you get any accessories to match?
  14. I really like the white tote! I have been wanting on for weeks now, but I just got a cute Jil Sander satchel... Let us know what you keep!
  15. I would have to say the satchel because I like that design better and I am sure it is pretty in white. Also there is another tote still to come in the legacy line. You were lucky to find them. I found the white Ali at my outlet and I am not sure yet about it. I think I would have liked the satchel much better in white and plan to get the pond in the legacy tote.