Which One?

  1. So spring is here and DH has given me the green light to buy a spring bag. After going to the boutique to look at my options, as always, I've decided on another Diorissimo.

    Here are my options:
    2014 S/S Turquoise
    2013 S/S True Red (rouge)

    I am a big sucker for gold hardware so I'm leaning towards the red. The turquoise is very pretty. It is a couple shades lighter than last year's turquoise and would make a beautiful spring pop. However, that red is just so sultry and gorgeous that I can't decide! I would get both but I'm starting to find that I am buying more bags than I can carry. I really want to limit myself so I can appreciate and use each and every one of my bags more.

    All comments/advice are much appreciated!

    Thanks gals/guys!

  2. Hmm tough choice. I'm leaning towards the red because the shade of red looks very all season to me where the turquoise is a little too highlighter bright for me.
  3. I vote for the red as well. It looks better than the turquoise in my opinion.
  4. Red!
  5. Thanks everyone!

    I've placed an order for the red. It's suppose to come in tomorrow so I'm crossing my fingers that it's a fresh one (the one in the picture was kind of already slouching/broken in so I requested a new one but shipped in).
  6. LOVE the red!!! Can't wait to see your reveal! :smile:
  7. Love the red! :biggrin:
  8. Red is a classic Dior color. And that particular red looks like it can go with just about anything. The bigger size is wonderful too, love the slouch as a result.

    Yes, gold and red is a beautiful combo. :smile:
  9. Great choice. A beautiful red. Normally I chose turquoise as I adore the colour but this is a fabulous combination of colour and form.
  10. red red red