Which one?

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  1. Hello gorgeous ladies,
    With a budget of around £1700 i'm torn between which bag to buy!
    PST, Mini Flap or the Easy Caviar?
    I like relatively small bags but also love the look of the Easy caviar as it's the classic look without the huge price tag!
    I like the idea of the PST being an easy to use bag and just being able to throw everything in and go.
    I'd want the mini in fuschia or a bright seasonal colour.
    For reference, i'm 5ft2 and only have a WOC currently. I'd use the bag just for shopping and errands.. i carry my purse, phone, car keys and glasses. Also unsure what colours these bags come in? Any advice would be fab! xxx
  2. If you really love this season's fuchsia, then I'd say get a mini!

    PST is always around

    Also, I know UK typically gets different items from US. Some of the really beautiful colors aren't available here in US and vice versa so I can't really help you there.

    I'd probably also call around the boutiques and find out what colors they have.
  3. +1 for mini!! 😊😊
  4. Since you have a WOC, I would suggest the Easy caviar.
  5. I vote for the mini too! If you like and are already used to small bags, then it should be great for you
  6. Mini :smile:
  7. Mini +1 ;)
  8. I would def with a Mini!
  9. Thanks everyone! I've been calling around the boutiques today and they haven't got a date for when the fuschia mini will be in :sad: hopefully soon!!
  10. So glad you have chosen the mini!! Were you able to leave your contact details with any of the boutiques so they can call you once it arrives?
  11. I didn't ask to, do you think i should call back and ask?
  12. Yes, Sloane street are usually very good at keeping your details and calling you, and New Bond St also - if Catherine is still at Sloane street, and Jenny at Bond st, they are such sweeties!

  13. Thank you I shall call them this morning! Xxx
  14. The mini!

    I have it and I wear it with day and night outfits! you are going to love it!
  15. I like Joshua at Brompton street! Good luck!