Which one???

  1. Papillon 26 or Speedy 25? Both on Monogram Canvas.

    Which one would you use more?
  2. The Speedy looks better in monogram canvas than the Papillon 26, in my opinion. The Papillon looks beautiful in damier :love:
  3. I always think it's best to get a speedy first. I have a speedy and :love: it.
  4. Agreed. :smile:
  5. pap. :smile:
  6. Speedy!
  7. speedy, speedy, speedy.
  8. Speedy. Even though the Pap is so cute!
  9. speedy!!!
  10. Speedy seems more versatile to me. You can fit a lot more stuff in there if need be.
  11. Speedy 25.
  12. I agree with Cristina, papillon in damier, but speedy in mono. :o)
  13. Speedy. It's my next bag.
  14. speedy in mono and papillion in damier. won't hurt to get both bags just in different lines.
  15. Speedy!